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On Hold

+ I N F O +

Please read carefully before deciding to buy.

My egl feedback page is here.

I ship with tracking from Hawaii USA. I prefer US buyers for the sake of convenience but international orders are welcome.

No returns, refunds or exchanges. I'm not responsible for an item once it leaves my possession. I'll buy you a tracking number, but if you'd like insurance too please ask and I will invoice you!

Trades may be possible, please offer brand items, no pastels please.

On hold forfleurensucre  !

Hello! I've decided to sell my Metamorphose Honey Picnic OP set. The set includes the OP, Matching over-the-knee-socks, a plush bear pouch and a hair clip.

I bought these items directly from Metamorphose; they are like new, except the socks, which I would rate as "good". There was faint staining on the heels which was removed with washing. There's no snags or damages to the design of the socks.

Dress: ★★★★★
Barette: ★★★★★
Socks: ★★★★☆
Pouch: ★★★★★

The Dress can accommodate up to about a 37" bust and 30" waist, maybe a little more, definitely less if you like. There is shirring in the back as well as ribbon corseting and waist ties. There is also shirring in the cap sleeves. The beach pouch is non-adjustable, secures with a plastic snap and is on chord. It's about 13" long. It has a zipper in the back of the head and can hold a cellphone at most, more likely a thin wallet or pass case. It's really more for show. ^^

Price for the set: Asking $180+shipping. If you are in the US it should arrive by Easter! ^^

Stock photos, minus bear pouch:

Proof of ownership (cardigan, necklace are not included)

Thanks for looking!
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