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DS: AP, BtSSB, Metamorphose, and Offbrand!

~ i m p o r t a n t . n o t e s ~
All prices are in USD unless otherwise noted.
All measurements are taken to the best of my ability.
I reserve the right to refuse buyers with neutral or negative feedback.
For reference, my dress form is set to my measurements (84cm bust, 66cm waist, 90cm hips).
I have two dogs (non-shedding) and one bunny (very shedding), and my mom smokes. That being said, I don't roll around with my pets in lolita, or hang around my mom when she smokes. I will do my best to make sure items are clean upon shipping, but I would like to make sure that anyone with severe allergies is informed.
If you are seriously interested in purchasing, but have questions first, you can leave your Paypal address and I will answer your questions ASAP and keep your place in line (you will not be invoiced until it is confirmed that you are ready to buy). Otherwise, the first person to leave their Paypal address and country will have priority. If I don't hear back from a person who has left their Paypal address within 24hrs without informing me beforehand, I will move on to the next person. If you don't pay your invoice within 24hrs, I will leave you neutral feedback and move on to the next person unless we work something out.
I will do holds at my own discretion, providing you have substantial positive feedback.
All sales are final; no backing out once you have been invoiced otherwise I will leave you negative feedback.
I am always willing to consider reasonable offers and I will offer a discount if you purchase more than one item, just ask!
Please feel free to ask any other questions!

~ p a y m e n t s ~
I accept direct-only Paypal (this means no credit/debit cards or eChecks) or Canadian bank transfer.
I don't charge Paypal fees, however, I will offer a discount if you choose to pay via Personal Payment on Paypal or by Canadian bank transfer.

~ s h i p p i n g ~
If the shipping costs are not stated, please ask for a quote!
Tracking costs are extra for both International and Canadian purchases.
International Airmail and Surface mail both include insurance up to $100 CAD.
Please ask if you require tracking or insurance, otherwise I am not responsible for any packages once they are shipped.
I can mark down packages at the buyers request (you will only be able to claim the marked down value), otherwise, they will be marked at full value for insurance purposes.
All packages will be shipped within one week.

~ f e e d b a c k ~
I have positive feedback on EGLFeedback, at my LJ, and on eBay.


~ f o r . s a l e ~

Angelic Pretty Pearl Bracelet

Measurements: Max Wrist: ~20cm
Price: $30 shipped anywhere
Bought brand new in the package from mBok and never taken out by me. I have several other AP bracelets so I've decided to let go of this one. Has a heart shaped AP charm and two rows of pearl-like beads, one pink and one white. Would also make a cute phone strap for those who are crafty!

Angelic Pretty Black Miracle Candy Special Set Headdress

Measurements: N/A
Price: $30 shipped anywhere
This is the matching headdress from the Miracle Candy Special Set, but it would match anything from Miracle Candy :) I bought it from another seller here a few months ago to match a striped skirt I have, but it didn't go together as well as I'd hoped. I'm hoping another lolita will enjoy it, or possibly for it to find a matching Miracle Candy set!

Angelic Pretty Red Poodle Headbow

Measurements: N/A
Price: $15 shipped anywhere
I bought this cute bow from a local lolita to match the only other red lolita item I owned, which would be the BtSSB skirt I'm selling here ): It has small pearls sewn onto the ends of the lace and features the signature AP poodle ribbon :)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright BlackxWhite Scallop Princess Bustle JSK

(Back) (Detail) (Detachable Bow, I have the detachable pearl strand also, I forgot to add it in)
Measurements: Max Bust: 90cm, Max Waist: 76cm, Length: 92cm
Price: $160 shipped to Canada, $165 shipped to the US, $175 shipped anywhere else
I bought this JSK brand new with tags from another user and have tried it on a few times with various blouses. The reason for selling this is because it doesn't sit properly on my bust. It's in perfect condition and has a lovely bustle back, which is a bit wrinkly from hanging in my closet for a while. The detachable waist ties and detachable bow (with detachable pearl chain) are included, but unfortunately I have lost the tags at some point since I received it. Back has partial shirring to accommodate various sizes, max measurements included but it tightens down to my measurements with no problem and could go smaller. Looking to pass this JSK on to a lovely lolita who will wear this :)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black Strawberry and Cherry Ribbon Skirt (First Release)

(Back) (Detail)
Measurements: Waist: 60cm-70cm, Length: 52cm
Price: $130 shipped to Canada, $135 shipped to the US, $140 shipped anywhere else
A cute, summery print from BtSSB that features strawberries and cherries! I bought it used from a seller here about a year ago, and have worn it out only a couple of times. Every time it was coordinated in pretty much the same way so I feel like it's time to let this go ): BtSSB did re-release this print (last year I think?) and this is from the first release. Has a small build it petti like other BtSSB skirts and comes with the waistties. A great closet addition for the upcoming warm weather!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright BlackxWhite Bustle Skirt

(Back) (Detail)
Measurements: Max Waist: 64cm, Length: 51cm
Price: $60 shipped to Canada, $65 shipped to the US, $75 shipped anywhere else
I bought this skirt from another user here as one of the very first pieces in my loli wardrobe. It's one of Baby's classic bustle back skirts, in great overall condition. I received it with one of the waist tie buttons missing which the original owner couldn't find, and I haven't replaced it, however both detachable waist ties are included. The waist has no shirring/stretch, but there is a built in petti. There were some light stains on the back bustle when I first got it, which I treated with diluted bleach and stain remover and now I can't find them. Overall the lace/bustle is like an off white/antique white, the picture of the back is truest to colour. This skirt is in great condition and is a perfect starter or basic addition to any lolita's closet!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black Pup in a Cup Cutsew

(Back) (Detail)
Measurements: Max Bust: 86cm, Max Waist: 76cm
Price: $45 shipped to Canada, $47 shipped to the US, $50 shipped anywhere else
Bought from a seller here last year, they wore it twice and I only tried it on. This was part of the series of my favourite print, but I wear the halter version of this often and have yet to wear this cute cutsew out! Pretty stretchy but I wouldn't recommend it for a bust bigger than I noted. The print is in great condition with no cracking at all!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Double Rings

Measurements: Bigger Ring Diameter: ~1.55cm, Smaller Ring Diameter: ~1.45cm
Price: $40 shipped to Canada, $42 shipped to the US, $45 shipped anywhere else
Two beautiful BtSSB rings I just purchased from a seller here, only to find out that one ring fits perfectly and the other one doesn't ): The bigger ring fits like a US size 4.5 and fits my middle finger perfectly, but the smaller ring is a tiny bit too small for my ring finger and too big on my pinky. Hopefully there's a lolita out there who has fingers that these rings fit!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black and White Headbow

(Bow Detail) (Side Detail)
Measurements: N/A
Price: $30 shipped anywhere
Received with a JSK that I purchased from egl_comm_sales a while ago, but I've never worn it out. It's a lovely classic style headbow that is smaller than the most of the headbows BtSSB has out right now and has cute flower lace that would match a lot of BtSSB's items!

Metamorphose Black Chiffon Jacket

Measurements: Max Bust: 90cm, Max Waist: 80cm, Shoulders: 37cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm
Price: $95 shipped to Canada, $97 shipped to the US, $100 shipped anywhere else
A gorgeous chiffon jacket that I bought from a seller here to match my chiffon skirt from Metamorphose. They match perfectly, but I find myself wearing the skirt casually without any need for the jacket. I've never worn it and it is in great condition with no flaws! It looks amazing paired with a high collaraed blouse and would go great with a classic or kodona outfit. The back is laced up so it can fit a variety of sizes, I listed the max but it tightened down to my measurements with no problem :)

Metamorphose Black Skirt with Lace Trim

(Back) (Detail)
Measurements: Waist: 62cm-68cm, Length: 54cm
Price: $75 shipped to Canada, $80 shipped to the US, $90 shipped anywhere else
A cute, simple skirt that was amongst the first items I purchased! I bought about a year ago from a seller here, who said it had been sitting in her closet for over a year. She said it was a lucky pack skirt, but I can't say for sure. It didn't come with waist ties, but has buttons for them. It also has a small built in petti for a little bit of extra poof. I've worn it a handful of times casually but it's mostly been sitting in my closet. Also, the lace is soft and not the stratchy kind, it is of Meta's usual good quality :)

Metamorphose Black Cherry Pouchette

(Detail) (Fraying Ribbon)
Measurements: Height: 21.5cm, Length: 16.5cm, Strap Length: 97cm
Price: $30 shipped anywhere
This cute pouchette is in great condition, with all of it's gems and pearls still sewn on! The only flaw would be that the ends of some of the ribbon bows are starting to fray (only the small ones, the two large bows are sealed with glue). The strap is made of two long ribbons that tie in a bow at the top. Really adorable but I never used it since I bought my first brand purse shortly after.

Offbrand Black Fake Fur Capelet

(Back) (Detail) (Label)
Measurements: Length: roughly 90cm, Width: roughly 26cm and it's widest point
Price: $25 shipped to Canada, $27 shipped to the US, $30 shipped anywhere else
A really cute capelet that I purchased as a set with my beloved BtSSB earmuffs more than a year ago, and is in perfect condition! I have never worn it out unfortunately, since I've never had the right occasion for it. Confirmed to be fake fur (80% acrylic and 20% polyester) by asilvering, my thanks again! All the photos were taken with flash, otherwise you couldn't make out any of the details, but it is a true black :)

Forever 21 Offwhite Ruffle Blouse

Measurements: Size Medium. Max Bust: around 36in, Max Waist: around 30in.
Price: $15 shipped anywhere or $10 shipped with anything else!
I bought this from another user here, hoping that it would match the offwhite on one of my skirts. Unfortunately, the blouse turned out to be a satin-y material (I thought cotton) and way too big for me. I've only tried it on, but it would be great for an aristocrat or pirate lolita look and would best fit someone closer to the max measurements than myself. The top button is broken (I purchased it that way) but it is not noticeable and could be easily replaced.

Bodyline White OTK Socks

Measurements: Length: 58cm
Price: $15 shipped anywhere
Bought brand new from the Bodyline website, never worn but taken out of the packaging and stored in my sock drawer.

(2) (1) Offbrand Black OTK Lace-topped Socks

Measurements: One size fits all, 82cm long
Price: $12 each ($20 for both) shipped anywhere
I stockpiled these when I first started wearing lolita since I was ecstatic to find OTK's locally. Now I have more than enough socks and these ones are still brand new in their packaging (one has been gently removed only to measure it, then carefully put back), so time for them to go! They are *super* long, so they are perfect for tall lolitas!

Offbrand Black Cable Knit Knee-High Socks

Measurements: Fits sizes 4-11, About 55cm long
Price: $10 shipped anywhere
A cute pair of knee high socks that I purchased but have yet to wear since I prefer OTK's. I will include these with any other purchase for only $8!


~ w a n t . t o . b u y / w i l l . t r a d e . f o r ~

BtSSB Stained Glass/Seraphim Skirt Headbow in Black

Brand short sleeved blouses (black or white), brand cutsews, and brand cardigans (black, white, or pink)

AP Fabric Swatches/Buttons

AP Melty Chocolate OTK striped socks in BlackxPink
An-ten-na Ruffle RHS (originals, not replicas) in Black and size S (22.5cm) or M (23.5cm)
h.NAOTO FRILL items in BlackxWhite
Shoes in size S (22.5cm) with a platform or heel (no patent)
Brand jewellery (no gold or plastic) and novelty items
Some things from my wishlist
Please feel free to show me what you have though, and I will always reply! :3


Thank you for looking~
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