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DS! Closet Cleaning! Everything needs to go!

I'm heading off to Japan in May so I decided to sell off some of my old clothes that I don't wear anymore. Prices do NOT include shipping. Please give me the zip code so I can calculate the price of shipping. And I'm sorry that some of the pictures are a bit blurry. I didn't notice until I had already uploaded them.

Payment: I only take Paypal! And I'm open to negotiations on prices but most of them are pretty low already.

The dresses fit me perfectly so here are my measurements:

Bust: 84cm

Waist: 68cm

Hips: 89cm

Height: 150cm

Here's my feedback link:

Off-brand Mary Magdalene Replica - 20USD

Fan+Friend OP – 40USD

Condition: One rip on the lace but other than that it’s pretty good



Hand Made JSK from GLP in London – 80USD

Condition: Excellent. I only wore it a few times.



GLP One Piece – 50USD

Condition: Good. There are a few spots on the bows that got messed up on the plane ride home from England.



Bodyline Plaid Purple Set (size M) – 40USD

Bodyline Red Bat Set (size M) – 25USD

GLP Top Hat – 10 USD

Condition: New. Wore only twice (both for no more than half an hour)


GLP Purse – 25USD

Condition: Good. It has one gem missing but it’s so unnoticeable that I didn’t even know I had bought it that way until I really stared at it. The handles started coming off at one point but I had it professionally repaired and re-enforced.


Thank you for looking!
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