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WTB/WTT: Btssb Bunny ears: Milky Chan socks Pink: Black Bloomers: Petticoat

Here is my feedback: Here

I prefer USA sellers only Please.I will be paying using Paypal.
I have a few sales posts I'm willing to Possibly trade for . Thank you!

I'm currently looking for:

Angelic Pretty ( not SS): Pink Milky Chan socks:
I prefer new: 

Btssb Bunny Ears: Pink, Black and White
Im not picky of the color though White is what I'm going for.
Must be in good shape please. no rips stains holes ect ect.
Not earmuffs XD

Black bloomers:
I like long bloomers that go just above the knee please. Body line is fine. Please show me what you have.
No commissions please.
Length:48 cm 
Waist: 64-90
Petticoat: White and Pink
I dont  mind if I must commission one, or buy a off brand one.
I'm looking for a A frame fit petticoat and one thats good and sturdy and wont go flat. Im not seeking ones that are pooffff monsters XD Please just show me what ya have and I will take a look. I'm a bit picky when it will come to a petti because im sure i will need a few different ones to fit a different shaped dress's I have. Thank you!
Length:48 cm 
Waist: 64-90
 Please when giving a price already include shipping and any paypal fees when quoting me.
Please show photos or link to where your items are located please, and provide feedback 
Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade
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