Mara (grayhour) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

dt: mary magdalene marie antoinette op

* I require proof of ownership before any kind of transaction takes place.
* Both parties will provide tracking numbers, meaning we both use priority shipping.
* This is not a sale.
* My feedback is here.

I've been thinking it over really heavily, and I just can't deal with this much black in my wardrobe. This is my dream dress, and I've probably worn it out about 5-6 times, but it is in perfect condition.

I'm looking to TRADE it for another color Marie Antoinette OP, primarily pink solid, pink floral, blue floral, or beige floral. The only color I will not consider is the white solid. I'm at work all day, but I'll be posting a proof and maybe a worn photo at the end of the day today. Thanks everyone.

Tags: !dt, mary magdalene
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