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DS: BtssB jsk, IW skirt, blue sandals

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Please read before commenting:

~ My feedback:
~ I accept payment via Paypal.
~ I'm currently not interested in trades unless they're classic floral items (no pink).
~ I come from a non-smoking house.
~ I have a dog, but she is a poodle and thus hypoallergenic.
~ Please ask for shipping costs to your area. :)

On to the clothes!

Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK: $125


Print close-up:
Measurements: MAX 35" bust, 27" waist. The measurements aren't very adjustable, but an inch or so less might still be able to fit (no more, though).
Other: The dress came with two bows on the shoulder straps. I've removed those. I still have them and can include them with the dress, but they'd need to be re-sewed with a fairly sturdy needle.

Innocent World Skirt: $80

(Please note, mine is the back version)


: 22"-28"
Other: This skirt is so beautiful, especially around the holidays! Unfortunately I don't wear it as much as I ought to, so I'm hoping to sell it to a new owner.

Grace Gift Sandals: $40


Measurements: Length from heel to tip: 26 cm, width at widest point: 10 cm, should fit a US size 8 (I can take more detailed measurements if they're desired)
Other: These shoes are SO adorable. It pains me to give them up, but they're too small for my feet. Perfect for a summer lolita coord!

Thanks for looking!
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