mizz_charmed3 (mizz_charmed3) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Replica Melty Chocolate Set, Blouses, Purses, and more.

My Policy: After the invoice has been paid seller must ship the item(s) within two weeks of receiving payment or a refund must be issued. If the seller does not respond a paypal dispute will be opened.This does not apply to handmade items that are need making time. There are only minor exceptions to this rule.

Here is my feedback.

I'm looking for this set. I want it in MINT. Specifically I would like to buy the L size of the Replica JSK. I used this picture for reference but I'm really only looking for the replica JSK, the brand bag, wrist cuffs, headbow, and socks..

I am not willing to pay more than $45 dollars for the socks, headbow, or wristcuffs

I'm also not willing to pay more that $80 for the replica JSK.

Since I want the brand bag in MINT I'm up for offers.

I'm also interested in any blouses that anyone has to offer. I'm specifically looking for white long sleeve or short sleeve but feel free to offer me anything as long as it can fit a 38in bust and 35in waist.

I'd also like to buy any replica purses or just cute Classic or Sweet purses in general.


If you can't offer my any of these I'm also looking for a replica of Mary Magdalene's St. Claire OP. I think they replicas had a purple color. That color is my first choice but I'll accept black as well given it fits a 38in bust and 35in waist comfortably.

Thank you for your offers in advance!

Note:I listed quite a few items for variety sake. I don't intend to buy them all at once but I'm trying to track them all down.
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, offbrand
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