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DS: AP headbow and socks

Here is my feedback!

I have this extra milky-chan velvet headbow that I don't need. I bought it for the ears because I had lost one on my other pink milky-chan headbow but now I have this one in red that doesn't go with any of my dresses. Of course it doesn't come with the milky-chan ears but it is a really nice headbow made of solid velvet and is really cute.

I paid 130$ for it with the shipping (and the ears of course) so I'm asking 50$ SHIPPED obo.

I also have red and white stripped OTK socks I ordered straight from AP website. I only tried them on once, there is a slight trace of dust in the bottom but it is hard to see with the glitters and it is really small (the socks have alot of glitters it is really pretty). I don't know if you can see all the glitters on the pictures though... but the are really nice in real life I only don't have any dress to go with them ;_:

I paid 50$ with shipping, I'm asking 40$ SHIPPED obo.

Here is the small trace in the bottom, as you can see it is not really visible^^ You can actually see the glitters here :D!!!

I will be able to ship tomorrow if you buy it/them tonight :D If not of course I can ship other days too, I'm almost able to ship everyday which is a good thing for you^^

If you want to negociate, please do! I won't bite you^^

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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