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DS: BTSSB, bodyline, and offbrand items

 Terms of Service/stuff you need to know
  1. No refunds, exchanges, or returns. I'll try to make pictures and descriptions as accurate as possible, so that returns/refunds/exchanges won't be necessary.
  2. I ship from Illinois. Those in the Chicagoland area are free to pick up items at an agreed destination to save on shipping.
  3. I accept paypal online (Elenoa@gmail.com), or cash/checks in person.
  4. I check my LJ frequently, but if it's urgent, feel free to email me at Elenoa@gmail.com
  5. Buyers pay for shipping and item price only, and all items are shipped with FREE tracking! That's right, no PP fees! However, prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.
  6. Terms may change at any time.
  7. International buyers are welcomed! But please do consider the shipping/insurance fees.
  8. Items go to whoever can pay first, or leave PP first.
  9. Here's my eglfeedback page. I've also got feedback on ebay as TerminalHeavensR.
  10. Please provide feedback if you're interested in buying something from me!
  11. Shipping is only in the USA. For international, please ask.

Offbrand gray bow-collar blouse
Price: $10
Measurements: length=19in, shoulders=14in, bust=36in max, waist=30in max
Condition: never worn out, without defects. 

Offbrand gray dress with apples
Price: $20 OBO
Measurements: length=38in, bust=34in MAX, waist=28in MAX, bodice length (from straps to bodice)=15in
Condition: Worn out once or twice, no defects as far as I can see. This was a sewing project though, so the insides are not perfect. The inside of the bodice is lined, but the skirt part is not lined. Has NO SHIRRING. 
Additional photos: inside of bodice, zipper detail, bodice hem close-up, trim hem detail, inside of the dress

Flower headband by Paradise Rose (run by [info]elerronyar )
Price: $12
Size: one size fits most
Condition: Bought at Acen 2010 from elerronyar's booth. Never worn out. It's sturdy and pretty well made. Has 2 white roses and a pink rose on it.

Offbrand puppy ear muffs
Price: $10
Size: one size fits most. The headband can stretch from 7 to 12inches, so they can fit a variety size of heads :P
Condition: Bought yeaaaaaaaaaaaars ago. Never worn out. They're soooo cute but they're not for me :c

Offbrand hime-esque shoes (repost after 4 weeks)
Size: about US size 9 (Taiwan size 39)
Condition: Worn out once or twice, but otherwise in good condition. These are fairly white.

Offbrand black mary janes by mudd (repost after 4 weeks)
Size: Us Women's 9.5 M. They measure a little more than 10in inside in length.
Condition: Worn out like 3 times. Pretty new. Refer to the photos for some slight scuffs.

Offbrand shoes by Steve Madden
Price: $25 shipped in the USA
Size: I can't remember, but insoles measure about 10in.
Condition: bought 2nd hand from the comm. Never worn out because they were too small for me :c Kinda feels like those rocking horse shoes. The ankle straps are slightly damaged, but otherwise these shoes are in good condition.
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand
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