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WTB: Plus sized/shirred Lolita, EGA, Mori, Dolly Kei

Hey there, I'm still looking for stuff that'll fit a fairly tall transwoman. My preferred style is probably more gothic with a little classic, and I also like some brighter floral pieces a lot. Shirred items are preferable to accommodate my body shape which will change in the future. 

I will need stuff to fit broad shoulders, and approx. a 38" waist.  
Larger waists with ties may work too, even with a 38" Waist I will still tie it somewhat, as I am slowly losing weight. However items with a large waist are more likely to fit overall, I can just tie the waist tie if it has one.

In particular, there is also one Bodyline dress(though not shirred) I am looking for that is currently out of stock -

I want this in red, which is currently out of stock. The T2L was just large enough to fit me, so it's a shame. Of course, I'm only looking to buy the T2L size!

Something similar in a large enough size would be great too, pref. slightly large to be on the safe side. I like floral dresses, but can be very picky with them.

Ideally I'd like something green if at all possible, maybe with a spring kind of feel, or if it's more gothic/classic, a deep/darker green.

^ Something in  this sort of style is nice. There is one or two shirred items I like on FPF I kind of like too, but not enough to pay full price:

I also like some of the less OTT dolly kei stuff, and the forest girl kinda look; earthy tones etc.. As well as gothic & lolita I like artsy, hippyish clothing in general, anything like that could be useful for putting together an outfit for me. I like some of the items on this store -  some of that could be useful as part of a Dolly Kei-esque ensemble.

Also considering any accessories that would go well with the above.

I am about a UK dress size 18, but it depends heavily on the dress, a lot of size 18s have a much smaller waist then what I'd normally get, some are loose or just right. I'll have to err slightly on the side of larger as it's easier to get things taken in at a later date.

UK/Ireland based would be ideal but I don't mind paying int. shipping if it's particularly nice and likely to fit without need for modification.

Keep in mind they really do have to be quite a bit larger than the average Loli dress, not just a bit big. I just under 6 foot, chubby and quite broad. Because of my larger frame and appearance, Aristocrat type items may suit better than lolita.

I order Size 18 and 20 items from here - for reference, and they fit me. The best fitting clothes I have right now is this set  - I ordered the Size 20 since I got a deal on it(waist is quite loose on the skirt though), but the 18 would be fine. If those measurements are close to yours, it'll probably fit quite well. There's a size chart there which might help for comparison, I have taken measurements of myself too. Sleveless/shoulderless items are far more likely to fit.

Feedback here.
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