★ momo ★ (whiteicing) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
★ momo ★

DS: AP Royal Poodle OP + large tote bag set in blue

proof (bag is folded)

Dress Condition: Missing waist ties, otherwise perfect. Colorway is relatively rare.
Dress Measurement: 70~78cm waist, 90~95cm bust.
Bag Condition: Used a couple of times but in good condition
Bag Measurements: 14x13x4 (inches)
Price: $175 + shipping


* I am probably not interested in trades but I will look at them.
* I ship Monday to Friday from US 38152.
* I will ship international.
* Feedback
* Because of this item's cost, I will impose tracking on all shipping quotes unless the buyer specifically requests none, in which case I am not responsible if the package is lost.
* Buyer pays PayPal fees.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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