Mari =^. .^= (pengydoom) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Mari =^. .^=

WTB: pink/sax high collar blouse, headbow, and shoes + others (URGENT) DS: Damaged BPN blouse

Location: New York, NY. USA

I'm looking for either a pink or blue high collar blouse like the one below:
(No bodyline blouses please.)

Cream, blue or pink head bow. Preferably plain and brand. :3

And shoes/boots in either lavender, white or navy in size US7 or JP23.0
*If you're trying to sell replicas, I'm not willing to spend more than $60 shipped. Sorry, I feel like if I spend anymore than that, I might as well buy the real thing.*

Also anything else on this list:

DS: damaged blouse. Please click below:

Please also check out our store:
*We have used and new brand dresses, heart heels, accessories, as well as other loliable things*

Tags: !wtb
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