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DS: BTSSB Princess Honey's Tea Salon Jsk- SOLD

~ Paypal only, first to leave address gets priority
~ Prices for US shipping only, inquire about overseas shipping costs
if you don't live in the US, please make note that overseas shipping priority is expensive.  I use the USPS price calculator for my estimates based on weight, but I'll refund the difference if it turns out to be less.  Please let me know if you don't mind first class shipping, which is much cheaper.
~ Will take additional pictures if requested
~ If you can send payment as a gift, it's highly appreciated but NOT required.  I will not charge fees if you do not.  I understand if people aren't comfortable with this, though.  
~ Prices are negotiable but please be reasonable

Princess Honey's Tea Salon Pink Jsk- $190 shipped

Proof Photo

Measurements (from Baby)

For further detailed pictures, see
original Baby page

I received this dress in a trade and it's very cute, but I don't feel like buying a pair of pink shoes just to match it and my wardrobe is getting horribly cluttered.  Tried on once by me, worn once by previous owner, and worn once by the owner before that.

I've washed the dress since I received it because it smelled strongly of potpourri, but I didn't wash the removable bow so you can still smell it on there.

Damage: The first owner stretched out the back corset lacing, but it is still intact and functional. 
Photos of damage from previous owner:

Otherwise it's still in very good condition.  I was unable to find any other flaws.

Still Selling: Marie Antoinette JSK, IW Bunny Coat, and 2 Pairs of brand shoes
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