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DA! Sugary Carnival Headbow -- Lavender, Starting Bid $40

*Prices are in USD, include Paypal fee, but do not include shipping.
*Item will be shipped in a box on Monday with a tracking number.
*Shipping within the US is $7. If it costs less, I will refund the difference, but will not charge extra if it goes over. Please inquire for estimates outside of the US.
*Payment by Paypal only.
*PM Bids are not accepted in the last hour of auction.
*Feedback (+18, no negative/neutral)

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Lavender Headbow ***SOLD***


Current Highest Bid: $54 (ginki)
Starting Bid Minimum: $40.00 (below retail value)
**Please bid in minimum increments of $4** ***AUCTION CLOSED***

Auction Close: Sunday, Apr. 10, 10:00PM, PST. ***AUCTION CLOSED***

Notes: I bought this new with tag at the Angelic Pretty event in San Francisco on Sunday, Apr. 3 with the SC OP on impulse, but I later realized it doesn't suit me. I've only tried it on once, photographed it, then put it back in the bag! Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Tags: !da, angelic pretty
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