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DS: [ Leaving Lolita Sale ] Metamorphose, Aatp, BTSSB, Bodyline.

♪ I ship from Quebec / Canada. ♪
♪ I have a cat but never goes near the lolita items ♪
♪ In my house people smoke but never in my room ♪
♪ ( the items are stored in a box ) ♪ 
♪ I am not responsible if the item get lost. ♪
♪ The prices does'nt include the shipping. ♪
♪ Payment method prefered : Paypal ♪
♪ All prices are in Canadian Dollars ♪ 

My Feedback:

I'm doing this sale for Shiro_Chocolat.livejournal.com
If you want to negociate, please leave her a message.

Her Feedback: 
My proof will be Mr Onigiri here:

Metamorphose Skirt and Socks Set
Worn Two Times
34''~41'' Waist
Set: 100$
Skirt: 85$
Socks: 25$
Black Corset from Bodyline
Size 4L - 34''~41'' Bust
Worn Once - 20$

White Shoes from Bodyline SOLD
Size: 24.5 JP / 39 Eu
Worn - 15$
Black Hairpin from Alice and the Pirates SOLD
Worn Once

Black Dot Bag from Baby the Stars Shine Bright 45$
Like New
White Jabot from Bodyline 5$ SOLD
Baby The Stars Shine Bright Post Cards SOLD
20$ for the 11 ( 3 damaged )

Thanks for looking~


Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, bodyline, metamorphose
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