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DS Bodyline skirt, dress offbrand pettis AND Longshot DT Meta cat skirt

Feedback here:

I ship from Maine, USA.
Once the package leaves my hands at the post office I am no longer responsible for it. If you want tracking/insurance, please pay for it.
Shipping is included in price.
International welcome, but there will be added shipping charge.
All items will be shipped in boxes!

I have a fluffy longhair tabby cat. I have no closet. Therefore kitty hair will be inevitable. I WILL lint roll the crap out of everything before I ship out.

PAY ATTENTION: I am willing to trade/partial trade my DS items, but as I am "plus-sized I tend to look for skirts ONLY. I will trade for anything with Cats.

My waist is 35" (90 CM) give or take.

My long-shot trade is for the Dream of Lolita Fantasic (Fantastic?) Dolly Skirt Replica in red ONLY. must fit my waist!

GOT IT? Okay on to my sales!

Items have been washed, and just need a good ironing.

DS items!

Bodyline Fruits Parlor Skirt Pink/Pink. $35 Shipped

Waist: I'm gonna guess 25" (64ish CM) Min, 30" (76ish CM) max. About 18" (46ish CM) Long


In good condition. Worn by me a few times, I am second owner. Simply does not fit and is too short for me. Skirt has no flaws that I can see, except:
It needs a new clasp for the waist, and buttons for the waist ties. I have purchased strawberry buttons and a new clasp, and will include!! Which is why I am asking $35. (The buttons weren't expensive, but that clasp was!) Origianl elasic in the back replaced by first owner. Done professionally well.

Machine washable/dry-able!! the glitter stays put!


Bodyline "Cat window/present" in sax JSK $40 Shipped
Measurements taken flat: 12" (30ish CM) waist, 13-14" (35ish CM) bust. In other words quite small. Has shirring, but not a lot of give.


It's in perfect condition, never worn by me. It's tiny As you can tell in the pic, it needs a good ironing. (sorry, I just moved and my Iron has gone MIA) I had planned on transforming it into a skirt, but I don't have the time.

Also Machine washable/dry-able!!

Offbrand Petti A $15 Shipped
Waist: Up to about 40"


Too short for me. In like new condition.

Offbrand petti B $35 Shipped


Drawstring type. good poof. Just fits me weird. I think it is a KKJJ petti.


Meta cat skirt with matching headbow with elastic waist. Longer version.


Will Trade ONLY for same set in black colorway MUST be elastic waist. shorter version preferred.

Bodyline "girlynote" in Burgandy:


Mine has had the elastic removed. fits 34" (86 CM) waist. 32" best, however.

Will Trade for BLACK colorway only. Must be "larger" Bodyline size.

Thanks for looking!!!

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