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WTB/WTC: Long A-shaped petticoat and IW/classical items

First, here's the link to my feedback

Now for the details.

I've recently fallen in love with longer style jsks, specifically from IW
I recently purchased
this jsk in the longer style and need a petticoat for it!
 The website lists the skirt length as 68 cm or 26.8 inches.
Ideally I would say the petticoat should be around 25 inches and it needs to be A-shaped for sure with just a moderate poof.  I will happily look at dead/flat petticoats though, as I sew myself and can add extra tulle no problem.
I don't care about the material of the petti, whether it be tulle, organza, et cetera.

I will happily look at commissioners but ideally I would like one I can buy right away.

Petticoat found thanks!

I am also very interested in IW items!  Preferably accessories, shoes, boots and blouses in cream tones :)
Will also look at other classical brands though.  No replicas please.
I have a 34" bust, 27" waist and typically wear size L but sometimes LL shoes.
No jewelry please.

Thanks for looking!
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