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DT/DS! BTSSB Black boots

Hi I bought these recently from the comms and I love them but they are too small and crippled my feet. :( I am very sad to see them go but it makes sense to actually have shoes that fit! Would prefer to trade/sell within the EU but will still consider outside of that. :)

Size: 23cm or UK size 4 or Japanese size M
Black BTSSB Boots, have pom poms on the laces and bows on the back. Silver heart shaped eyelets.
There is some signs of wear on the inside of the boots but it's minimal and came when I bought them (and didn't bother me much). The marks are also light so because they are black boots would be very easy to further hide with shoe polish (or similar) I would do so if I wasn't getting rid of them. :( 


Signs of wear:
Me wearing them:

For trade:
Size: 24 - 24 1/2cm or UK size 5 (I'm a UK 4 1/2 usually but better to go bigger it seems!)

I'm looking ideally for black boots or shoes. If they are similar to this style then awesome! I will also consider pink boots/shoes and white boots (I have white shoes already).

Brand isn't important but if you're aware they cost less than these because they are from bodyline or a similar offbrand store then be prepared to either include something else in the trade or pay a little additional.

For additional trade items I am looking for a white blouse. I will also consider socks (black, blackxpink, pink, pinkxwhite etc), skirts, (full) petticoats, jewellery and accessories. I like gothic/punk/sweet styles, not so much classic or muted colours.

For sale:
I bought these for a little over £70 (85 euros or 115 dollars) so something in that ball park as an estimate would be good. I'm more interested in a trade but if I can't find anything will be happy to sell.

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