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DT/DS! AP Whip Magic JSK set NWOT

Hello lolitas :) First of all thanks for looking n.n

In case of buying I only accept paypal.
Prices doesn't include PP fees.
I'm shipping from Mexico, so you'll need to ask for the shipping price.
I will consider holds if it seems good to me.
I'll only sent tracked packages, if you want insurance ask for it and I'll check it in the post office.

Here is my feedback community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1144827.html (Very low I know u.u'')

Well I'm trading/selling an Angelic Pretty Whip Magic JSK in White x Pink

I just got it today, it is new without tags. I bought it in a store that imports goods from Japan to my country, I saw these two beautiful AP dresses they had left from 2009, the other one was Sweet Jam, but after getting it I didn't liked how it looks on me S: (the seller said that they removed the tags because in customs they would see the price and then charge taxes for it, it happened before with Sweet Jam) It includes matching headbow and socks, and I'm not willing to split the set. I forgot to mention that I'll include the fabric swatch and extra buttons :)

Here is my my proof of ownership :) My little Coco n.n

And here are the photos:



Showing the tag.


And headbow.

I'm looking for the next prints (better if they have matching headbow/socks)

In case you don't see the images of the prints I'm interested for trade here are the names (for what I see there are some images missing too...):
Wonder Cookie OP in black/blue
Sugary Carnival
Cafe Print Gelato in red
Masquerade Theater JSK in red
Scent of Rapunzel
Recital JSK
Merry Making Party JSK
Star night theather JSK
Miracle Candy Tripple Frill JSK
Sweets Patissier JSK in black
Holy night Story OP or JSK (not the military one)
Kuranosuke stripped JSK

I would also like to see what can you offer for trade :)

If you want to buy it, leave me a razonable offer :) and if I like it it's yours n.n, I repeat the items are NWOT so I'm looking for full prices.
If you have any questions feel free to ask n.n
I'm looking for 300 USD for the whole set

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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