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DS: Angelic Pretty Little Bear's Café pouch bag and Dream Doll House necklace

 Hi, here a few things I have for sale ! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help you ^^

- Payments are to be made by paypal (in € currency if possible, +5% fees), bank transfer or checks for french people
- Shipping fees are not included in the price. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices ^^ I'm not responsible for lost packages
- No trades please, I'll accept holds depending on the feedback of the person and with a non refundable deposit for a limited period
- First person to leave her paypal address gets the item, but leaving the paypal address means you're actually willing to buy the item. If you have questions, ask them first ! I'll treat every offer depending on their time of arrival.
- I don't smoke but have a cat which doesn't come near my clothes. I'll remove the cat hair anyway in case there are some on the clothes, it happens sometimes.
- I'll try to reply to your questions as fast as possible but live in a different timezone (France) so I'll do my best, please be patient ^^
- I have many positive feedbacks here!

Angelic Pretty "Little Bear's Cafe" bag in cream and green

[Proof Picture]
Bought new, never worn, it's just stocked in my closet doing nothing but being super cute and soft. Adjustable strap, the little donut strap is included. You can't put a lot of things inside, just a mobile phone. 70€

Angelic Pretty Dream Doll House necklace in sax and pink

Proof Picture]
Bought new, used once, very cute necklace from the Dream Doll House collection with pearls, ribbons and charms. 30€ SOLD

I still have an AP Teapot necklace in blue and some AatP Chandelier tights as well  as a pair of Shirley Temple socks for sale here :

Thanks for reading ^^
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, shirley temple
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