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DS: Gothic and Lolita Book

  things you should know before placing order

**only ship to the USA. sorry!
**shipping NOT included in price UNLESS STATED!
i use $11 flat rate boxes.
**contact spring_thumper @ for any questions or leave a comment.
**no trades, sorry!
**FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE , appropriately.
**i will take paypal for payments.
**i have two cats and a dog; they don't get near the clothing, however be aware..
**you can find my feedback here.
**once something has been shipped out, it no longer my responsibility.
** PLEASE DO NOT FLAKE DURING A TRANSACTION. i have had WAY too many of these. if you are not interested anymore, simply tell me.

**everything will be shipped out within 1-2 business days unless stated

Gothic and Lolita Book, purchased in 2007/2008 for $30 selling for $10 + $5 shipping
(disregard the cosplay book, unless you're interested in buying it...! haha)
the book includes TONS of the rare/old prints from all sorts of brands.
it includes sweet, classic, and gothic lolita, plus plenty of
punk styles!
book is in perfect condition, i read it a little bit but im always really gentle with all my items so there are no tears or creases that i've seen when i flipped through it! :D


Tags: !ds, offbrand
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