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DS: 20% reduction on BL shoes and offbrand bag, + over 70 different styles of handmade rings!


- First to leave Paypal gets the item.  Even if you're just enquiring about the product and are interested in purchasing it, PLEASE leave your Paypal.  I will screen your comment for privacy.

- I reserve the right to not sell my items to people being rude or unreasonable.

- I come from a home of smokers, I myself do not smoke and my clothing/items do not smell.

- I own pets of all varieties; none of them are near my clothing, though.  I have allergies so if my clothes were covered in fur, I'd react (and I don't).

- I will ship worldwide, please enquire for postage costs. 

- I ship from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Items (OLD)

Bodyline Black Kitty Shoes

£14 £11.20 shipped to the UK.

Size: UK 6, JPN 250, 24.5cm, US 8.5 - 9, EU 39.

Worn once, in good condition.  Have a small waxy spot on the side that was there when I bought them.
I bought these directly from the website.


Strawberry backpack

£12 £9.60 shipped to the UK.
- Used once, good condition, some slight wear to the material but it's a soft leather so isn't noticeable.
- Paid £20 for this.

Jewelry (NEW)

Rings: £3 + £1.50 shipping in UK. 
Shipping is £1.50 (UK) for any amount of rings.
Perfect for sweet lolita!

When requesting a ring, please state the set it's from and the name!

I have more than 1 of each ring in stock, see below images for amounts!
Items named from left to right.

Set 1:

Lavender fawn x 8
Light pink fawn x 6
Dark pink fawn x 7
Light pink bunny x 3
Dark pink bunny x 4
Black bunny x 2

Set 2:

Hello kitty x 1
Cinnamoroll x 7
Pink deer x 2
Dark pink lollipop x 3
Light pink lollipop x 4
White lollipop x 2

Set 3:

Chocolate cake x 2
Dark pink cake x 2
Light pink cake x 2
Yellow heart biscuit x 1
White heart biscuit x 1
Pink heart biscuit x 1

Set 4:

Chocolate jam biscuit x 4
Strawberry jam biscuit x 4
Candy x 10
Chocolate bar x 5
Chocolate cub and heart x 5
Angel cake x 6

Set 5:

blue x pink cupcake x 1
brown x yellow cupcake x 2
yellow x pink cupcake x 2
pink x blue cupcake x 2
Brown bow cupcake x 2
pink rose cupcake x 2
yellow roses cupcake x 2

Set 6:

Oreo x 4
Donut x 5
Kitty biscuit x 3
Rose bow x 4
Cherry blossom x 3
Strawberry bow x 4

Set 7:

Loveheart x 4
Parasol x 3
Heart and wings x 2
Red bow x 4
Pink bow x 5
Black skull x 4

Set 8:

Pink skull x 2
Black barbie x 2
Hot pink barbie x 2
Fuschia barbie x 2
Light pink barbie x 2
Ballerina cameo x 2

Set 9:

Black rose x 3
Turquoise rose x 3
Pink rose x 3
Cream rose x 3
Dark pink bow x 3
Light pink bow x 3
Set 10:

Pink flower x 1
Scotty dog x 1
Parasol x 1
Cherries x 1
Mickey mouse x 1
Handbag x 1

Set 11:

Dark pink crown x 3
Light pink crown x 3
White crown x 3
Lilac tiara x 4
Dark pink rose x 3
Light pink rose x 3

Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, offbrand
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