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DS: Church Gate JSK from MMM in BKW, IW black raincoat, MMM OTK socks, Metamorphose platform shoes



Hello ladies!

Thanks for having a look!

A few informations before:

- I live in France
- I don't charge Paypal fees. Those are included in the prices (please, take it into account!).
- I accept Paypal and bank transfert within EU
- I can ship small items as a simple letter fo 5 euros for Europe, 7 euros for the rest of the World (without traking and insurance). You can purchase a tracking number by adding 3 euros to this price, for Europe. For other countries, tracking number is not available outside of insurance.
- For bigger items, please add 17 euros for Europe, and 21 euros for the rest of the world (this includes tracking & insurance).
- If you purchase a tracking number, I will email you with this number and a website where you can check your package all the way long to your home.
- In case of problems (rare thing, but you never know), I will help you as much as I can to find out your packet, and will harass the french postal services if needed, but I will only refund you if you purchased an insurance (cause it is the only way to be refund by the postal services, here). 
- I have a cat, but normaly, he can't access the closet, because I take good care of my lolita items ^^. But beware if you are allergic.
- First person to leave her paypal win the item (and pay within 24h)
- my e-mail is, it is also my paypal adress. You can always join me here, in case!
- Feedback can be found here:

- serious buyer only, please. You can make offers if you are not convinced by the price! Or if you want several items (like here, the MMM dress + socks or shoes). 
- difficult to do holds at that time, but please ask, and we will talk about it.
- I'm not interested in trades at the moment, sorry (except for MMM chandelier print)
- All of my pictures are in my flickr, so if you want a bigger view, you can clic the image and have a full size view of it! Practical if you want to have a good idea of the item. 

- All my prices are determined using XE Curency Converter, so I know some items can be a bit pricey in USD, but for the moment, it is the official exchange rate going on.


Moi Meme Moitie Church Gate black x white JSK:SOLD THANK YOU! 

ventes 040 

Rare print from MMM, designed in summer 2009.
This is the JSK version, whith a white print.
I am its first owner, and bought it directly from the shop through my shopping service.

Stock picture


Bodice detail:

ventes 041 

No shirring on this dress, but its a bit larger than old Moitie designs.
The bodice is reinforce with two plastic bones at the front.

Max measurements are:
Bust: 91 cm
Waist: 71 cm

Detail of the print, just amazing!

ventes 042

ventes 043

ventes 044 

Picture of the tag:

ventes 047 

The waist ties are note removable.
The dress have been worn up to 5 times, and washed carefuly by hand. 

I would like 390 euros for it/ 557 USD (or please, make an offer!).

Innocent World Black classical raincoat

japoniaiseries 142 

Lovely coat for spring and autumn, with a removable capelet and necktie!

ventes 048 

can feature many styles!

with the capelet but without the bow necktie:

ventes 050 

adorable sleeves:

ventes 051 

This is a M size, but I would not recommend it for someone above 95 cm for the bust, or it won't look really flattering. Waist is ok up to 80 cm, and can be adjust with the belt.

cute button

ventes 052 

without capelet and bow tie (perfect for a casual style!)

ventes 053 

Featuring all the pieces:

ventes 055 

original tags:

ventes 057

ventes 058 

I bought it new on sale, from the IW website, but finaly never wear it outside, so there is no need for me to keep it. I will send the original tags with the packet :-)

Picture of it being worn (by me):


*sorry for the goofy hair/face!*


I would like 150 euros for it/ 214 USD.

Metamorphose Temps de fille, white enamel platforms shoes, USED ! SOLD THANK YOU ! 

ventes 073

Rare design from Meta!
Those shoes are still lovely but they have been worn quite a few times, and definitely show signs of wear!
Please take a conscious look at the picture: I tried to pictures all the possibles scratches and stains.

However they still look beautiful when worn!

You can remove the upper double strap:

ventes 059

detailed pictures:

ventes 060

ventes 061

ventes 063

ventes 065

I think those irregularities on the soles come from the fact that the sole is made of foam, and with time passing by, the vynil show the structure of the sole.

Major stain is on the exterior part of the right shoes:

ventes 066

It is not really shocking when worn but this has to be noted.

ventes 067

ventes 068

Brand print and inside soles:

ventes 069

ventes 070

right shoe general view:

ventes 071

Left shoe general view:

ventes 072


ventes 075

This is a size L, it's really large and confortable (I would say up to a 25cm feet), really easy to walk with!
I don't have the orginal box since I am not their previous owner.

Picture of them being worn (by me):

MMM holy queen blue 

I would like 60 euros for them/ 85 USD.



MMM white cross socks:SOLD, THANK YOU! 

japoniaiseries 207 


Beautiful socks from Moi Meme Moitie, from their last year collection (2009/2010).
Lovely cotton lace at the top with a ribbon bow

japoniaiseries 208 

Good condition: I only wore those twice for photoshoots, so did not really walked out with them. The print of the brand on the feet are still visible as if they were new.
I did not noticed any stains or problems

japoniaiseries 209 

Those have been carefuly hand washed.
They are streshy and goes over the knees

japoniaiseries 211  

Picture of them being worn in the item just above! With white plaform shoes from Meta.

I would like 30 euros/ 41 USD  25 euros/35 USD for them



Victorian Maiden Bonnet SOLD THANK YOU!

VM bonnet 

I'm finaly selling this gorgeous bonnet I own since two years: it's too small for me :-( I love love love this beautiful piece, but since it never comes out of the closet, I prefer to let it go. I barely never worn it out: I just tried it 2 or 3 times with new haircuts and so one, to see the result. 

My head is approximatively 56 cm round: so, bonnet will fit perfectly starting from 54/55 cm.

The bonnet is made of pleated chiffon inside and beautiful corduroy outside.
The bonnet is ALL BLACK. I just over-exposed the pictures so you can see the details ^^

So here are two pictures of me wearing it, but since it's too small, it's difficult to get the right position with it ;-) Keep it in mind!



I'm sure it will look far more beautiful on somebody else!

Next are some detailed pictures of the bonnet:


VM bonnet 

Back, with an adorable bow! <3

VM bonnet 

detail of the lace and material:

VM bonnet 

Removable pin with flowers and feather:

VM bonnet 

You can pin it in the bonnet or outside ^^

The bonnet comes with its original box and tag

VM bonnet

VM bonnet

VM bonnet

Original box:

VM bonnet

VM bonnet 

scratch on the box:

VM bonnet 

The box is really voluminous: so keep in mind the shipping fees will take this into account! Anyway, it's really perfect to protect and to store the bonnet properly (so it can keep its shape), and the VM's logo is printed on it.

Shipping can't be under 20 euros for Europe, and 25 euros for US & other international destinations, because of the volume of the box. And I would like 100 euros for it/ 135 USD 75 euros /104 USD for the bonnet itself; I'm opened to offers as soon as they are resonable. 


Offbrand blue fake leather jacket:

japoniaiseries 191  

I bought this lovely jacket to try some more casual coordinations with my lolita: this look so perfect with my AP magical Etoile in sax! But I sold this skirt, so I don't really need to keep this piece.

But I think it will look gorgeous with every sweetish piece in blue!

It totaly matches the lolita silhouette

japoniaiseries 192 

This is a size M.

japoniaiseries 193 

This is fake leather, but of good quality: not too shiny. Only worn once for an afternoon.
Perfect for spring time!
Inside view:

japoniaiseries 194 
Bust: 92 cm / 36 inch. max
Strechy waist
Sleeves length: 62 cm / 24 inch.

Suggestion of coordinate:

japoniaiseries 198

The IW blue bow broach featured in this pic is also for sale in this post! Scroll down if interested!

I would like 20 euros for it/27 USD.

IW bow brooch

japoniaiseries 204

This is a brooch bought last year. Will look perfect while pined on a high collar blouse! No more problems with tying neck ties!

japoniaiseries 205

I would like 15 euros for it, or 20 USD


Old Victorian Maiden Catalog

japoniaiseries 037

This catalog have been edited in 2001, so I think it counts for Old School Lolita!
There is only a few pages, but the pictures are nice, and it is a little piece of Lolita History ;-)

japoniaiseries 038

japoniaiseries 040

I bought it off from auctions one or two years ago.
Good condition, sent in a plastic sheet and rigid package so it can't crease.
I would like 10 euros for it, or 13 USD.

Set of Two Magazine featuring Sex Pot Revenge items.

japoniaiseries 032

These are real magazine so you have pictures of the collections, and also some interviews from artists, japanese.

japoniaiseries 033

japoniaiseries 034

japoniaiseries 036

I think they are from two years ago.
I would like 5 euros for both, or 6 USD.
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