wabbie_chan (wabbie_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

EA: BODYLINE JACKET FOR CHEAP!!!, Also WTB shoes, sailor accessories and blouse


 Hello everyone! I have a BL jacket up for auction, here, please take a look!

I have over 190 positve feedback on ebay.

Here is my EGL feedback page

Happy bidding!


I am also looking for the following items:
  • Black lolita shoes. I am looking for something either classic lolita, tea party shoes or something not too clunky.  
  • RHS shoes in either black, white/beige or red. 
I am a size EU 37-38. Also I am not looking for something expensive. I can get a normal pair from taobao for about 30 euro, so I am not looking to spend more than that. I am just looking for a quick purchase.
  • Nautical, sailor lolita jewellery in navy blue, or red
Also take a look at my older wtb for a blouse, here

Tags: !ea, !wtb, any brand, bodyline
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