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DS: Bunny themed accessories

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my post to view some bunny accessories. There isn't a lot, but it's beginning to feel like spring~


Payment: Paypal ONLY. No holds or trades right now. First one able to pay and leave their pp address gets it.

Shipping and Handling:
However many things you buy, it is one shipping price (combine shipping). Shipping includes the packaging materials (so it's safe), pp fees, and tracking # for USA.
Everywhere Else=$3

Once the item has been shipped and out of my hands, I am not held responsible for any damage or loss. Don't worry tho, I package the items pretty crazy, so prepare for some tearing when you have received :]

Sizing: All the rings are adjustable silver plated rings. The measurements of the pieces are all approximate. MOST items are only 1 available unless said.

Order Form:
In the subject  part of the comment, please put what item you're interested in. It helps others to see who was in line first :] Also put down your paypal address and it will be screened when invoiced. Please put your pp address like this:
youremail[at]serverthingy[dot]com....if you plan on PMing me your pp instead, please do state it on a comment :]

There are NO returns or exchanges. Please buy with confidence. Feel free to ask questions ^__^

Allergy Caution: I have a pomeranian, but he doesn't touch my shop area and the items. He just observes.

Raspberry Bunny Cupcake Necklace- $12
♫Size:The ball chain is 24inches all around, cupcake by height is almost 2inches.

You'll receive what is on the picture. Only one made~

Pretty Bunny Ring- $4
Rings are adjustable silver plated~ Usually charge $4.50 on website, but for fellow lolitas, $4 :]
The bunny heads are about 1/2 inch tall.

Pink 1x SOLD OUT
Yellow 2x
Blue 2x
White 2x
Visit the website for more accessories! If there's anything you want from that website you'd like to combine from this posting, let me know in the comment ^_^ 

I'm also opened for commissions of polymer clay charms and decoden phones as it is spring break and class schedule is kind of chilled :] 
Thankies a bunchies for looking~
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