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DS: 20% Reduce on BTSSB Cutew Dress: MMM Apron: NEW: West Mend JSK's

♥ Payment: Paypal ONLY 

First one to leave paypal addy! 

♥No haggle: you will be ignored.

♥I PREFER USA buyers.
International: I ship only once a week. Please be aware
( I have no car)

♥ I shipp from USA:
Items include shipping for USA only.
International: please inquire.

♥I ship all items Priority mail with tracking IF over 13oz.
Any item UNDER 13 OZ will be sent First class.
Insurance is optional:

♥Not responsible for lost or stolen packages. !!! 
( Altought it has never happened!) 

♥ I live in a smoke/pet  free home!

♥ I offer discounts on multi orders.


Reduced Items:

BTSSB Cardigan Dress:
Brand new never worn ! flawless!
Bust:30-34 in
Waist: 23-28 in
Length: 32 in
Sleeves: 8 in
$100 shipped

$85 shipped USA

BTSSB Cardigan:
Im the 2nd owner of this item.
I myself never wore it.
In great shape!
Bust: 30-34 in
Waist:23-28 in
Length: 17 in
Sleeves: 9 in
$55 shipped
$40 shipped USA

WestMend Black JSK
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.
I have worn this dress maybe 3 times. Including a photo shoot.
Soft lace, bone corset style chest, lace up sides.
lace up neck.
Flawless shape!
This stlye is in shop only, and is no longer made.
$150 shipped USA

$75 shipped usa

Replica Putumayo jacket:
Size L
( got the worng size....ugh)
Bust: 36-38
Waist: 25-32
$35 shipped usa

$25 shipped

MMM Apron:
I bought this apron MONTHS ago on the comms
but due to shipping problems i didnt get it till now.
I had ordered the apron for a photo shoot in shanghai but due to not getting it in time, i had to cancel the shoot :/
and thus i have the apron and have no use for it or desire to keep it.
Apron is in mint shape! no steins, flaws, rips, holes,
Buttons are Original Mother of Pearl!
This is a very rare and hard to find item.
Lace is soft and pristine beautiful rose detail!,!
Waist: goes to 23-28 in MAX
Length: 45 in
$235 shipped
$200 Shipped


Westmend Pink Dress:
Classic Pink style dress:
Brand new with tags:
Bust: 30-34 in
Waist: 23-28 in
Length: 34 in

$65 shipped
$50 shipped

Off-brand Coat:
This is a very old coat: 
Chinese off brand:
Coat is in fantastic shape: but it is worn and old.
I have worn this coat for modeling photos:
Has been drycleaned and has not been worn this year.

Lace is synthetic, and needs to be redone i think. it has a yellowing on it and is just old.
id change it myself if i had the skills to change lace.

Measurements: ( inches)
Bust: 30-34
Waist: 34-28
sleeve length: 21
Length: 30
Paid over $250 for this in china

Make me a offer!
Keep in mind shipping + PP fees is $20
( includes tracking sent Pryority mail)
I just want this to have a good new home!

New Stuff

Surface Spell Cardigan:
Brand new never worn:
Size:M ( to big for me)
Bust: 34-36 ( stretchy so i would not be surprised it if can go to a 38)
Waist: its a bit free size, and adjustable in the back, i recommend: 25-30 max
$45 shipped

WestMend Black JSK:
This dress is my personal dress:
I have worn it for one photo shoot here.
Bust: 32-34 max
Waist: 24-28 MAX
no shirring or strech
Has waist ties:
This dress is not ava online and is a bit hard to come by in the shop:
$75 shipped

WestMend Floral JSK:
This dress is my personal dress:
brand new with tags never worn or tried on.
Bust: 32-34 max
Waist: 24-28 MAX
no shirring or stretch
Has waist ties:
$85 shipped

WestMend Black Cutsew blouse:
Brand new with tags. never worn or tried on.
Bust: 32-36 max
Waist: 24-28 MAX
 Shirring at waist line, and is stretchy.
This dress is not ava online and is a bit hard to come by in the shop:
Beautiful lace and detail ! 
$45 shipped
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand, putumayo
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