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DS/DT: Mint Jewelry Jelly, Dream Magic, Fantastic Dolly, Wonder Cookie Bag, Petticoat, AP Cutsew


Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


Prices include shipping to the US & I always use delivery confirmation and ship within 1-2 days unless otherwise noted. (1.a) US buyers have priority. Paypal addresses (not those with questions contingent upon answers) have priority. If I am able, I'll answer your question asap, but if I have a committed buyer by the time I check the page again, it goes to them. If there's more than one offer, it goes to the one with the most positive FB.
(2) I may do a hold  with a deposit sent as a personal payment, or offer a payment plan, just ask. Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.
(3) International buyers, I ship First class with registered mail service for tracking or EMS. I can ship first class international w/o tracking if you pay with a personal payment and understand that I won't be responsible if it does not reach you. I'll send you a photo of the receipt from the post office as proof of shipment if you ask for it. If I invoice you, I ship registered mail/EMS
(4). I offer at least 1 hour to send payment. After this period, if there is another offer, it becomes available to whoever sends payment first. This is not negotiable unless you have 25+ feedback from sellers.
(5) If something's been sold, and it's not a DA, plz don't ask me to sell it to you for a higher price than the original buyer has offered. This puts me in an awkward position.

TRADE INFO: I hate telling people no, so I'll lay out clearly what I will consider trading for. Only brand or indie brand, No off-brand (unfamiliar) , no bodyline (too big). Casual AP (includes mini skirts, cutsews, hoodies, engineer boots, sandals, etc...) A pink blouse, Summer shoes, kinda like those sandals BTSSB makes, Chiffon blouses (brand or indie brand), socks, Milky Berry JSK in black. Classical hat
NOTE on TRADES: Unless you have feedback from 2 or more trades, I like to do trades like this: we buy eachother's item for the same price. This way, no money is spent, so its still trading, but we don't have to worry about not being able to recover losses if nothing is received in return.

AP Wonder Cookie Bag

$120 including shipping and insurance. It's brand new, has all the tags, and of course hasn't been worn. It'll be shipped in a box to prevent crushing. It still has the wrapping paper in it, keeping it's shape.

AP White/Pink Ribbon Beret

42 shipped. It's been worn a few times. It's clean. I'd say it was about a 3/5. Would also consider trading for another hat. SOLD

Jewelry Jelly Mint OP

  Detail. I couldn't get the lighting quite right at the top on the full shot, so I made detail pics to cover the places the light doesn't reach so good.

$250 Shipped & Insured. SOLD Excellent condition. Bust: Max 36  Waist: Max 30. Excellent condition, no stains or rips or anything.

Fantastic Dolly Skirt

180 Shipped & Insured. It's brand new, includes tag and fabric swatch. Waist 26 inches. 17 inches long, Original price was 16590Y / 198USD SOLD

Dream Magic JSK by AP

175 Shipped. Excellent condition. No flaws on it. 34-38" bust. 28-34" hips, 31" long. Zips at the side, adjustable straps, partially shirred backSOLD

AP Pink Cutsew

Would like to trade for another cutsew, but will sell if I can't find anyone. If you're interested in  buying, I'll let you know if I'm successful in finding a trading partner or not.

BTSSB Basic Petti

$15 including shipping. Light poof, great for casual or for layering with another petticoat. SOLD
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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