glass_lady (glass_lady) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB White Blouse, Soft Cream JSK, Casual Petticoat

** I use Paypal
** Priority goes to sellers in USA
** I am on a budget. Nothing over $80 if you can help it. I might take something more if I really like it, but nothing really expensive.
** My feedback:
** My measurements: Bust: 32in, Waist: 27in, Height: 5ft 1in

I am looking for a white blouse with detachable long sleeves, on the sweet side if possible.

I am also looking for Bodyline's Soft Cream in blue.

This one isn't as wanted as the others, but I would like a petticoat I could use for casual lolita; something that gives poof, but not the HUGE cupcake style.

Let me know if you have anything. ^.^


EDIT: Due to not knowing how to add pictures with out hot linking, I have removed them.
Tags: !wtb, anna house, any brand
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