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DS/DT; Bodyline shoes/RHS, Metamorphose, Offbrand.

Feedback; .
As you can see, I have only bought stuff on the comm sales, BUT, I have seller feedback on another site, which is linked on my profile.

Selling a few items for myself AND a few for a friend! We are both in different locations, just so you know. :3 She has a LJ, but she is busy and I volunteered to help her sell some stuff.

- We both ship from the U.S~ For my own items, we can do a face trade in NYC. For my friend's items, she is in Albany.
- Everything is shipped with tracking, insurance is extra if you want.
- We do not accept returns.
- If something is lost in the mail, it is not our responsibility.
- Paypal only. If you want to do money order or concealed cash, it is YOUR responsibility if it gets lost.
- Please allow at least up to a week to ship out items. If something comes up and we cannot ship our items within that time period, I will inform you, so please be patient.
- Buyers within the U.S has priority, sorry!
- No holds, please.
- Please dont be afraid to haggle or make an offer.

Here are my own items...

1. Bodyline, red shoes, size 5.5 U.S??
Never worn out, only tried on. Bought it from the BL site and never had any use for them. I ONLY want to trade for a black pair of shoes. I would like to face trade in NYC, but as long as you're in the U.S and have good feedback, we can mail to each other. As for size, I usually wear 5.5 shoes, but I also wear 6. My BL shoes fit me perfectly, and I still have enough room in 'em. Though, the strap on my ankle is really long, so I cant fill it in.

Stock photo.

Proof photo. I have more pics of it worn, so please ask if you need more.

2. Mixed color wig, $38 shipped/tracked.
Bought it from someone for fun, as I really liked how it looked and only wore it out once. If you need more proof photos, or any worn ones, please ask.

3. Black tank top, $50 shipped/tracked.
Bought it off ebay from a Chinese seller a long time ago. I wore it a few times, but it isnt really my style. I think it might work for a punk lolita look, maybe. The chest area has a built in bra, or at least, I think it does from the way it feels. My own measurements in inches are, Bust: 29, Waist: 25 1/2, Hips: 32 1/2. For bust, it fits me perfectly with some room, but I dont recommend it for people with a big bust, as I feel only a few more inches can fit into the chest area. The zippers are functional, the shoulder straps are detachable, and the straps in the middle for the neck area are also detachable. Ask for worn pics, please.

Okay! On to the better items! Stuff to sell for a friend! Her proof is her Teddy bear! She is ONLY selling, as she needs the money. No trades, please. If you need better pictures, please ask.

1. Metamorphose, brown jsk with matching hair bow, $172 shipped/tracked.


Has a bit of shirring in the back and a waist tie. She has only worn it a few times. Bust in inches is 36 MAX, skirt length is 20 inches.

2. Bodyline, white RHS, $40 shipped/tracked.
Size 10, or 26.5! In a new like condition, with a tiny scuff and a tiny scratch at the back. 

Scuff at the side.

Little scratch at the back that isnt noticeable.

3. Bodyline, brown shoes, $42 shipped/tracked.
Also has some scratches and scuffs, but not really noticeable as well. Size 27, or a 10.5 for U.S.

Pics of scuffs and scratches.

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