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WTB: Sugary Carnival-Related Items (Re-Release and Original Release!)

My feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/457764.html

Hi all, I'm back for more Sugary Carnival-related hunt. XD So after an unsuccessful attempt to buy the re-release items at the Japanese site, Japanese International site, SS, local Lolita brands distributor and, more recently, the San Fransisco site (I just had the bad luck, lol), I'm here to ask if any kind soul out there is willing to part with this wonderful collection and sell their stuffs to me. :-)

What I'm looking for in the re-release collection:

1.) Sugary Carnival skirt in Saxon Blue (yes, I changed my mind and wanted it now!)

2.) Sugary Carnival Parka in Pink, Saxon Blue or White (no Black please, sorry)

For the items above, I would like them to be in NWT condition, since they are mainly for my personal collection. :-) I know that consequently some of these items will be highly marked up -- and I am fine with it as long as they are reasonable mark-ups (for indication, >35,000 yen for the skirt is a little bit pushing it).

Aside from that, I'm still looking for the original releases as well:


Thanks for looking! Have a nice day/evening ahead! XD
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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