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DS!~ GEO color circle lenses

These lenses are directly from GEO, Korea. Each lens will last a year after opened, and they are 14mm in diameter except for the "X" lenses (super size), they are 14.8mm. All lenses are in PLANO- non prescription. All lens pair come with a FREE lens case.

* I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.. if you are international I highly recommend buying insurance. If you don't buy it (though insurance is about $6 ~$10 in most countries), the best I can provide is a customs number. 

* I do not ship to Italy, sorry. 

To order, please PM me with the following information:

Paypal address:
Insurance: Yes/ No

Shipping, paypal fee, and insurance are not included in price listed. Shipping + packing material in the US and Canada for one pair is $2.10, two~three pair $3.50, four pair and up is $4.95 (upgraded from First class shipping to priority). International please inquire.

Feedback! >>>

Nudy series ($16/ pair):

CH-627 (pink) - 2 pair availible

CH-932 (nudy golden blue)

Circle lens series (SPECIAL SALE $12/pair):

CM-838 (tearful brown) - 1 pair availible

CM-839 (tearful gray) - 1 pair availible

T-731 (butterflies) - 2 pair availible    

Prescription Lenses ($12/pair):

CM-832 (P -2.50/ -2.50)
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