The Calamity from the Sky (nozomiwhitewolf) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
The Calamity from the Sky

DT: I want to trade my sweet stuff for AatP Beauty and The Rose Promise OP or JSK

 I'm still in search of this dress! USED IS OK!

I don't mind if it's the JSK or the OP (now that I lost weight and I know that the OP can fit me! LOL!)
It doesn't matter what color it is, but I will say I am partial to: black, and ivory. Pink is a close second, and I guess the blue one is nice too but I am not sure how I will coordinate blue as easily as white or black or even pink. But yeah, show me what you have!!
Not really too interested in the skirt version because I think my ribcage will make it uncomfortably tight. =/

My Poupee is here:

If you see anything you are interested in trading for, please let me know and I'll tell if you if I want to trade it or not. As a general rule of thumb, I am trying to shift from sweet lolita into more classic and gothic styles so I will NOT trade any of my Innocent World dresses, skirts, or blouses for the AatP dress. (Unless it's this IW dress, I don't like the way it fits on me.)  Also as a rule of thumb, I prefer to keep my hime style dresses like Lady Rose, Powder Rose, Tiara Rose, and similar prints.

My feedback link is here:

If we do a trade, I request that you have positive feedback and that you include a tracking number, as will I. And scan or take a photo of your post office receipt as proof, and of course I will too. :) That's my only stipulation.

And of course, if the item you want from me is worth less than the Beauty and the Rose Promise dress, I can pay the difference. So yeah, partial trades are cool with me too. 

I don't want to outright buy this dress because I already have WAY too many dresses I am not even wearing hogging space in my closet right now, so I would prefer if someone found something of mine they liked that I could swap for this dress. I've been wanting it for a really long time now!! :)
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