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!DS&Updates: Large sized Secret Shop Shoes Pre-Order, Infanta, Dream of Lolita, Rose Melody

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Secret Shop

Large sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Pre-Order is open.

Size 25.5cm and 26.5cm will be available. We are still discussing with the supplier about size 27.5cm, but it shouldn't be a problem. Secret Shop shoes will be of the best quality, and please don't miss the chance. At the meantime, please keep an eye out for size 27.5cm.
  • 4 colours are available in the pre-order - Black, Lavender, Light Pink and Brown
  • There won't be stock after the large sized shoes pre-order and we won't open another large sized tea party shoes pre-order again any time soon.


Infanta Classical Clock Embroidery High Waisted Skirt in Black size L and XL has come back in stock again. Green is still available in all sizes.
Infanta Emperor and Nightingale Coat Set in Black has been restocked again in all sizes.

Infanta Summer Daisy JSK has been restocked in Blue and a new colourway is now available - Red Daisy
Infanta Rosy Corduroy Summer JSK is now available in Purple colourway

(Infanta Cinderella series will still be released, please keep an eye out for it)

Dream of Lolita

Dream of Lolita new pieces of the Sugary Carnival series are available - JSK II & One Piece


PVC Colour Swatch for Loris Bags is now available. Mint and Yellow colourway is also available now(delayed) but you can ask for pictures of these 2 colourways individually for the time being. They will be added into the current cololur swatch in about a week.

The Cotten Lace for the Loris MM Style Lace Ribbon Bag are now replaced by PU Lace

Rose Melody New Series - Swan Princess

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form and I will reply shortly. To make an order, please download/fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot]com.
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