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DS/DT: Jsk's for $100 or less. AP OP for trade only!

~ Located in NY, New York USA
~ Paypal transactions ONLY.
~ Shipping not included in price.
~ Shipping can take up to 2 weeks. If in need of priority in shipping please notify.
~ Owner Measurements:
   Waist - 31 inches
   Bust 36.5 inches


Direct Sale:

Baby Strawberry Letter Bustle-Halter JSK in Pink


Proof Picture

This JSK was given to me in this state. The fabric and print are perfectly in tack, yet when purchased from a previous user, I was not given the detachable bow, the waist ties nor the halter straps. I assume this was a similar case for the original owner, as she didn't picture them either when I purchased the dress. I bought this dress for $120 and have only worn once.

Baby Princess Shirred Pin-tuck dress in Pink (First Edition)

Proof Picture
Lace Stain 1
Lace Stain 2

I bought this dress for $120. It came without the waist ties and had slight stains of the lace bust/arms.I have taken pictures of the stains, but they are very light and hard to view on camera. This was the original version of the dress released because used in luckypack's in future releases. Measurements can be viewed here on
Hello Lace. I took out the lacing from the back of the dress, but will include it with the dress. 

Direct Trade

Angelic Pretty Fairy Side Frill OP in Pink

Proof Picture

I love this OP beyond belief, but I am a bit more interested currently in getting the JSK version. The OP is in perfect condition and I have only worn it 3 times. I am also willing to consider trading it for other Angelic Pretty Jsk's such as Wonder Cookie, Sweet Jam, Bear's Cafe or a similar non-print dress. I bought this brand price ($320 + shipping) and will only trade with dresses worth that amount but no less. Measurement info can be found here at Hello Lace.

Thanks for looking~!
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