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DS and AFC! Phone Charms and Bunny Scarves

Payment: preferably Paypal. I could also take concealed cash [US only of course]
I'm also open to trades [i don't expect anything big obviously, but other phone charms or jewelry]

My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/687408.html
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/ChasingTheFrill

Most of my items have Etsy listings that I will link to, but in the case of the bunny scarf, I can take orders here. PM or comment if you're interested in the scarf.

I know it's warming up, or at least it is here, but if the weather is still cool where you are, or if you're going into your own winter, or if you just want one, I've got two spots open. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks per scarf.
30$ + shipping [roughly 6$~]


These are the colors I currently have:
I cannot guarantee that I will have enough of the pink however. If I don't have enough, I can get more of it, no extra charge, but it will likely delay how long it takes to get done.

Other items:
Not on Etsy:
Pair of Cherries. 5$ + shipping [1-2$~]
*i can remove the bow if you'd prefer it as just the cherries.
Triple Bow. 6$ + shipping
On Etsy:
Simple Bow w/ Bling: 3.65 + shipping
Listing:  www.etsy.com/listing/67671170/white-crochet-bow-with-blue-phone-strap
Candy: 4.25$ + shipping
Simple Bow: 3.50$ + shipping
Pink&White Ruffle Bow: 4$ + shipping
Fuzzy Bows Bobby Pin Set [2]: 6.25$ + shipping
Simple Pink Bow w/ Bling

Listing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69030530/pink-crochet-bow-with-pink-strap-and
Bow and Bottle: 8$ + shipping
Listing: www.etsy.com/listing/69030729/crochet-bow-and-bottle-with-lavender
Rose Bunny Charm: 5$ + shipping
Most items can be remade or altered. Just ask.
Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade
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