heart in Harajuku, soul in Kyoto (kyotopunk) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
heart in Harajuku, soul in Kyoto

DS: BTSSB, Moi Meme Moite, Atelier BOZ, Miho Matsuda, IW!!!

Hello! Wonderful EGL items, nothing over $100!!
Please leave your Location and Item you are interested in via comment or PM.

Priority given to US BUYERS.
Non smoking home & well cared for items.
No trades.

: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/594978.html

Queen Bee Lolita Shoes Black size LL     SOLD
I purchased these while in Japan, they are NEW and unworn!

Steampunk Lolita Boots Black size 9US        $45 US
NEW and unworn!

Pirate Lolita Boots Black size 8.5 US     $30 US
All leather, high quality, well worn

BTSSB Sophie cell phone charm     $20 US each
I have 2 available, brand new!

Miho Matsuda Aristocrat Dress  Black        SOLD
approx measurements:  bust 33",  waist 29", hip 35", length 44"    

-même-Moitié Blouse Black     SOLD
approx measurements:  bust 37", waist 33"

Tulle Peter Pan Collar Blouse Black       $30 US
approx measurements: bust 39"

Off Brand Blouse Grab Bag!    SOLD

You get all blouses pictured below!

Atelier Boz Skirt Black        $60 US
approx measurements: waist 26"-30", length 20.5"

Gothic Church Brocade High Waist Skirt Black      SOLD
Made to these measurements - Waist to knee 24",  Underbust 30",  Waist 32"

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Skirt Black      SOLD
approx measurements:  waist 28"-38", length 22"

Innocent World Bloomers Pale Yellow     SOLD
New and unworn!   approx measurtements:  waist 26" - 35"

UPDATE 4/4: I went ahead and screened comments that included your paypal addresses. Also, I will ship on 4/5 (Tuesday) for anyone who has paid. I will leave you a comment after I ship!! Thanks!!
UPDATE 4/5: Shipped out everything that has been paid for - Queen Bee shoes, BTSSB skirt, Church Skirt, MmM Blouse, Blouse Grab bag. Miho Matsuda Dress & IW Bloomers will ship when payments have cleared.    
UPDATE 4/8: Shipping Miho Matsuda Dress and Bloomers tomorrow morning (4/9)!!

Tags: !ds, atelier boz, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, miho matsuda, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand

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