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WTB/WTT: Bloomers, off-white blouse

Hello everyone! I am looking to buy or trade for some things. My trade link is at the bottom of the page. What I am looking for is:

1) Bloomers. In either black or white. I would prefer something not completely plain. A bit lace would be nice. Not bad quality lace though cause it can be scratchy. I don't care about brand or off-brand, but I am not looking to spend too much money on them.

2) Off-white blouse. I am looking for either short sleeve or detachable sleeves so that I can use it on summer. I would prefer brand but will consider all offers as long as I like the style. A Peter pan collar blouse would be nice but my main issue is the color. It has to be off-white. I am not looking to spend more than 50euros on it.

My feedback page

Also please note that I am allergic to cats so if you have one, I request that you tell me beforehand. I'll still consider buying, but I need to be aware so that I may ask someone else to wash it for me.

I shall also require your feedback page so please leave that too when you comment.

European buyers prefered because of lower shipping but all buyers's offers will be considered!

I also have a Bodyline jacket, a taobao bag and some handmade skirts and accessories for sale or trade here so please take a look.

Thank you for your time
Tags: !wtb, any brand
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