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SS! AP SF event SC items slots FILLED/DS! Bumpits

My feedback is here.

Due to the short time between now and tomorrow's event, I would prefer direct transfer (I have Bank of America) however, I will also accept paypal if this is not an option for you.

AP SF event SS:

I do not have any spots open for the SC JSK/OP/Skirt!!! I can provide 1 headbow and 1 pair of socks in lavender(actually lilac) for this series and that is it as far as those items are concerned! Filled, thank you! I can also get accessories and other items that aren't relevant to SC.

I am requesting Price for the Item+$15fee+$6-$15dollars shipping depending upon which item you want (headbows and socks are only $6)

I will pick up the item for you in the order you desire, and will scan and send the receipt to you. Anything over the actual price you pay will be refunded in the same day. If an item is unavailable, I will refund the entire amount you have paid (item, fees, and shipping) within the same day.

$10 including shipping in the US. $16.50 everywhere else. It will be a brand new, unopened package of three bumpits in the dark brown/black color (I have ash blonde hair and you can't see the color of the Bumpits anyways) and I have 30 sets available. It comes with a teaser comb and styling guide as well.
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