romantique_era (romantique_era) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB - Mary Magdalene & Victorian Maiden

Good day ladies~ 
I am once again on the hunt for a few of my dream dresses.
The pictured colourways are my priority.
Probably a long shot, but I must try my luck !
Alternatively, if you have any dresses by these brands that are similar in style, please don't hesitate to offer as well. 
If you happen to own one, please do let me know the price + shipping to The Netherlands. n__n
My feedback is located here :

Thus the quest for the following commences :

Therese OP in Ivory - will consider black as well

Lolotte OP in Ivory

Madeleine Chiffon OP in Ivory

Caldina Frill Dress in Bordeaux

Ekaterina OP in Bordeaux

Fairy Chiffon Doll Dress in Dove - will consider beige as well

Fairy Doll JSK in Rose - will consider beige as well
Tags: !wtb, mary magdalene, victorian maiden
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