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DS or DT: Skirts & Dresses... looking to take commissions soon!

My EGLfeedback Page
- Please Note that my Sales Policies have recently changed, and shipping rates for the US have increased again.
The Basics:
♥ Prices are in US Dollars.
♥ I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.  Always with Tracking.  Yes, I combine shipping costs!
♥ All items come from a smoke-free environment!  I live with two cats, please be aware if you are highly allergic.
♥ If two people are interested in the same item, I will decide who gets it according to... who posted first, highest offer, who is buying multiple items, whoever will be easier to ship to, etc.

Payment & Returns:
♥ I accept PayPal!  (non-cc, please)  If you are comfortable with sending payment that is appreciated, otherwise let me know where to invoice you!  I DO NOT charge PayPal fees.
♥ I will accept checks, money orders, and MoneyGrams, but please understand that I cannot ship your item until I have your payment in my hand.
♥ Usually no trades unless I say.  Haggling is allowed!
♥ If you can't pay right away, please let me know.  I will not do holds.
♥ If an item is being returned to me it must be shipped back unused, then I will gladly refund the price of the item(s), minus my original shipping costs.

You as a Buyer:
♥ Ask questions before you buy!  I'll be happy to help you with color description, sizing, more pictures, etc.
♥ After buying contact me via PM or E-mail with any concerns, or to resolve an issue.
♥ Please leave feedback for me, and I'll do the same for you!
INTERNATIONAL:  I'm happy to deal with overseas buyers, however right now the only shipping available to me is Priority mail.  This takes a week or so to get to most places and includes tracking, but is pricey.  $14 for small items to most places, around $25-30+ for anything larger - just warning you!

Will trade for items in my WTB list!

Measurements that I take are with the garment lying flat, you'll probably want to be a bit smaller than the measurements for the best fit. ^-^
Shipping is not including in these prices, please leave me your location (if outside the US) or zipcode (within the US) for price quotes. Small items can go by First Class for lower rates.

Most made by me, feel free to ask questions!

NEW White Underskirt:

Ruffle Detail | Inside skirt
Size: Fully elastic waist = 25"-42" (must fit over hips!) | 24" Long
Info: I made this for an outfit that I never needed it for. All cotton fabric, very full. Professionally made with finished seams (both French and Serged). Could be worn to add length to other items, or on it's own - maybe dress it up with some appliques or ribbon bows! (Let me know if you'd like me to fancy it up for you in some way.)
Price: $45 $35

Black & White Heart Lace Set:

Size: 24" Waist | 24" Long
Info: This is an older skirt... really nice except for the flaw of having a faded spot in the skirt fabric. You can see it in the front picture. The skirt is lightweight, with cotton lace trims. Closure is in the back with a zipper and clasp, and the waist ties are on buttons. The bow on a ribbon for your hair is so cute, perfect size!
Price: $45 $40 $30

Shoe Print Skirt:

Print Close-Up

Size: Fully elastic waist = 24"-40" (must fit over hips!) | 24" Long
Info: Cotton fabric printed with all sorts of shoes! This is a basic skirt, lots of room for pettis, super comfy for active days, and full of colors that make it easy to coordinate.
Price: $40 $35 $30

Flower Print Set:

Size: 24" Waist | 24" Long
Info: Made with cotton fabric and soft cotton lace trims. Closure is in the back with a zipper and clasp. The waist ties are on buttons for easy removal. The hair bow is on a ribbon, and cloud use starching. I wore this set a lot - one of my favorites...hopefully it will be one of yours, too!
Price: $50 $45 $40

Feel free to ask questions! More pictures are on the way~

Watermelon Dress + Hair Bow:

Bust = 34"
Waist = 26"
Length = 38 1/2"
Really nice summer sundress, all cotton fabric, zipper in back. Fabric shows slight wear. Think it's too plain? I could add lace for you... I found it to be cute as-is, however.
Price: $65

Red Dress + Head-eating Bow:

Bust = 34"
Waist = 26/27"
Length = 40"
All cotton fabric and trim. Heavier dress good for autumn and winter. Has some pilling on the fabric, otherwise pristine. Zipper in back, waist ties removable with buttons, spare button sewn inside skirt.
Price: now $85

Music Dress with Removable bows + Hair Bow:

I was making stupid faces at my friend... see better pics of this dress here:
Music-theme post
Bust = 32"
Waist = 26"
Length = 39"
Very full skirt! Cotton music print fabric. Zipper at side, waist ties removable with buttons.
Price: now $70

Pink Roses Dress and Hair piece:

Bust = 32 1/2"
Waist = 26"
Length = 39"
This is sooo pretty! All cotton fabric and lace trims. Zipper in back, waist ties removable with buttons. Hair band is made to slip over a regular band, or a ribbon.
Price: now $75

Ivory & Lavender Bow-print Dress:

Bust = 33"
Waist = 27"
Length = 39"
Has a few small stains, lightweight for summer. HUGE voluminous skirt, cotton cluny lace trim. No waist ties, zip up closure in back.
Price: now $70

No, I'm not actually open for commissions yet. However I have had many people express interest in hiring me for a commission, and I am very interested in doing so in the future. If you're one of those people, would you please be so kind as to reply to my entry here at my journal. Just a few answers to my questions can help me to see what people are looking for the most. I'd really appreciate it!

Blouses | Cutsews | Hair Extensions | Gloves ~ Make me offers!
Shoes | Socks | Purses & Wallets | Hair Things | Corsages | Jewelry | Parasol | Fabric

Repost with new items: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/14719467.html
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