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Urgent WTB: Antainna Ribbon Rocking Horse Shoes, Bodyline socks

My feedback thread: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1232413.html

These things need to be available for immediate shipping. I do not have 20 days to wait for a preorder. Thank you for your understanding. <3

I have a pair of black Bodyline socks with strawberries on the side, but I'm looking for them in white, pink, or sax (I don't know if they came in sax).

Also, if anyone has THESE Antainna/Antenna shoes for sale ("Ribbon Rocking Horse Shoes"), that would just make my day! Any color! Preferably size 25.5, but I should fit in 25 or 26 too. :)

***NEEDS TO BE IN STOCK, available for immediate shipping!*** I need them for an event coming up in mid-April, so I don't  have enough time to preorder them. D: I really wish I did, so I'm crossing my fingers that one of you lovely people will have them available here. I don't mind purchasing overseas if the exchange rate isn't too bad and you can quote me EMS shipping (US zip code 03264), but I prefer to order from the US so they arrive in time.

Also still looking for these Bodyline or Secret Shop shoes (tea party style, no jewels/rhinestones please ; o;), and any inexpensive blouses that are in-stock, available for shipping now, please. <3 Bodyline brand or similar cost-to-frilly ratio is fine, white or a soft pink is a must. Must fit 98cm bust, 85-ish cm waist. > 3>;

25, 25.5, or 26cm, black, blue, or pink:

Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, bodyline, secret shop
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