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DS Innocent World Dress:Tea Time

Terms of sale:
* All prices are in U.S. Dollars
* Shipping is included in the price for the U.S. price will be estimated for other coutnries
* U.S. Buyers are preferred
* whomever leaves their paypal first gets the item
* I have no pets and keep all my clothes hung neatly in my closet
* feel free to haggle ;)
* I will be able to ship on the weekend or on Tuesdays
* My feedback

I am sad to see this dress go but it just doesn't sit well on me. So sadly it's time to let it go and buy me some wigs :).

Innocent World Tea Time JSK
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It has shirring on the back. It can fit anywhere from a 32 inch bust to a 36 inch bust comfortably. I found it very difficult to zip up otherwise. I suggest a 24 to 29 inch waist as well. It has rose lace and cute little tea pots, sweets and fruits all over. It's a dusty rose pink color. It has never been worn by me and I don't think it's been worn much by the previous owner either. There's no flaws or stains from what I can see and it's such a pretty print.

Bust: 32 - 36
Waist: 24 - 29
I'm looking to sell it for $110 shipped in the U.S. OBO.
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