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WTB: Blouses, side headbow, and parasol. Looking for shopping service as well.


I'm looking for the following things: 
  • This blouse by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. In white, hopefully first edition. I don't mind damages as long as they're not super-mega-evident.

  •  A blouse with a high neck, in either black or white. Preferably with a jabot, but it's okay if it doesn't have one.
  • A sidebow in pink, preferably by AP or Baby. For this one, I am open to trades.
  • A foldable parasol. It must have UV protection.
  • And I'll look at ANY oldschool piece! Show me whatever you have :) 
I am also looking for a shopping service that could get me the following things:
  • This cardigan by the Japanese brand Felissimo/Syrup, in size S.
  • Slightly more accessible, this ring by Topshop in a size S.
  • And a lot more accessible, these earrings by Urban Outfitters.
My feedback is here and I can pay with PayPal. 
Thank you very much! <3
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