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!WTB Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, AATP JSK &OPs sweet prints & Cathédrale prints

Hello everyone today im looking to buy 1 jsk or op i have a list of what im looking for though! i hope you will help me find my first brand dress! Now i would like to buy something in exclent condition or brand new  nothing worn many times *unless its a steal* now if you have a dress not on my list please feel free to show me! but im really only looking for brand please keep that in mind .   Also! im really intrested in any kind of Cathédrale Print Brand or off brand just show me what you got!

ok here we go!
1. jewelry jelly in pink/lavender/or black OP ONLY
2. Milky berry in  pink JSK not halter
3.melty chocolate JSK or op
4 Candy Treat JSK pink or purple JSK
5.cherry berry bunny in pink
6.mircal candy OP in BLACK
7.whipped magic OP

alice & the pirates
1.St. Mephisto Cathédrale Print JSK  Black Or purple
2.St. Mephisto Cathédrale Print OP PURPLE ONLY

1.Cherry Cherry Fallin'Cherry Frill JSK Mint or Pink
2.Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty JSK
3.Creamy Soda Pop Print JSK Pink or Offwhite

Thank you again for looking im hoping to find one of my dream brand pieces! Ive saved for a while now and the day has finally come!
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And again please note i only saved enough to buy one of these dresses and maybe some matching items to them if you have them!

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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