Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

A word of warning

Hi, everyone~

I just wanted to talk about negative feedback and bad sellers/buyers. Although the large majority of our users are perfectly fine sellers and buyers, there is the issue of the small minority of people who gather terrible feedback or handle transactions inappropriately. In the coming weeks, I will personally be checking feedback pages to see if any users have an alarming amount of unsatisfactory transactions. There really is no room in this community for rude, slow to ship and uncommunicative members. So please do not be alarmed by the bans you will be seeing in the coming weeks; it's not a sudden influx of bad activity, but rather we are cracking down on poor selling/buying behavior. I feel as though certain members feel they can continually get away with poor practices. This is not the case, and a word of warning, it does not go unnoticed. Hopefully, this will make the community a more pleasant environment for our positively contributing members ^_^ Thank you.

- The mod team
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