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DS: Bodyline, F+F, Offbrand

Cleaning my closet a little bit!
Prices are in CAD
I only ship in Canada and Us unless you want to pay extra shipping fees >_<
I will use paypal
The shipping + paypal fees are not included in the prices
If you don't like the price you can offer!
Also i have cats but i'll wash everything before i ship the items to remove as much as i can!
Here's my feedback page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1123517.html
I will ship in padded envelopes unless you want a box (may have to pay a little extra) with a normal shipping (unless you want fast = extra)
You can ask for more pictures/info if you want!

Bodyline Sailor dress~ SOLD~

Bodyline Dot dress~ SOLD~

Bodyline Rose jsk~ 30$

Back Stock Neck/head thingy
Weared one time, i had the sew a button back on but not noticeable (You can move the straps), also the flowers on it are a bit "squished" (came like that) but looks easy to remove.
Bust: 33-36" Waist: 26-28" Length (top of the bust): 27"

Bodyline Merry-go-round skirt~ SOLD~

Bodyline Fairy from forest jsk~ SOLD~

Fan+friends Jsk~ 40$

Back Headbow (thin black band)
Weared one time like new, bow still have the tag on it. Removeable bows
Bust: 36-40" Waist: 28-32" Length (top bust): 29"

K-star Candy jsk~ SOLD~

Gothic lolita punk skirt~ 40$

This skirt is so poofy! weared like ~3-4 times.
Elastic waist: 26-36" Lenght: 14"-16" with lace

Marjour Revesible dress~ 40$

Side 2
So cute but never had a chance to wear it.
Bust: 35" Waist: 35" Length: 29"

Offbrand Lace dress~ 25$

You really need a blouse to wear under it because it's transparent.
Weared 3-4 times. Like new.
Bust: 34-36" Waist: 30-31" Lenght: 26"

Offbrand socks #1~ 5$

New. Length: 21"

Offbrand socks #2~ SOLD~

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