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DS: Blue Bodyline Gingham Onepiece with MATCHING HEADBOW!

MODS: i don't know how to do a 20% reduction on an item that i'm taking offers on. if i'm not allowed to do this, feel free to remove this post. sorry! :(
things you should know before placing order

**only ship to the USA. sorry!
**shipping NOT included in price UNLESS STATED! i use $11 flat rate boxes.

**please leave a comment for inquiries;; i don't really like PMing but if you feel the need to use it feel free to do so.
**no trades, sorry!
**FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE , appropriately.
**i will take paypal for payments.
**i have two cats and a dog; they don't get near the clothing, however be aware.
**you can find my feedback here.
**once something has been shipped out, it no longer my responsibility.
** PLEASE DO NOT FLAKE DURING A TRANSACTION. i have had WAY too many of these. if you are not interested anymore, simply tell me.

**everything will be shipped out within 1-2 business days unless stated
note: i can't ship this item out until friday because my mom is the one who'll be shipping it and she's not available at this time XD

Rare Bodyline Blue Gingham 'Dorothy' style OP with Detachable Sleeves & Headbow 
$85 $30 taking offers! please take this off my hands~
comes with MATCHING HEADBOW! :D (the bows are fixed to the left fyi.)

WORN ONCE FOR A PHOTOSHOOT!! (see other pics and this link)
this is a higher quality bodyline dress~
it needs some ironing but otherwise it's in wonderful condition!
PEARL ACCENTS throughout the dress! like on the bows and headbow :)
no shirring.
i'm not the best at taking measurements, but flat measurements:
16" bust
15" at the waist where the ties are
33" length
(it's very small).

more pics:
brooch close up ; back ; bow in middleheadbow extra ; worn pic [extra]

tons of other pics here, or please inquire!

i'd really like to sell this dress. i'm in serious paypal debt because of some idiot on ebay returning an item.
i'm looking for about $20+shipping [$31] at minimum, but feel free to make offers. thanks! :)
love you all! 
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