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ATTN BUYER: looking for hime_chan93 (solved)

Hello everyone, hopefully someone here can help me find this girl.

I sold her an Infanta skirt from my last sale post, and she payed in a timely manner. I sent the skirt out to the address which was displayed in her PayPal account shortly after.
I sent her a message telling her the tracking number and the estimated time it should arrive. I never heard back from her that time, but I assumed everything was okay.

This was at the beginning of February, and as far as I'm concerned, every other parcel reached its destination already.

Now, today the parcel returned to me, with a sticker on top saying that she wasn't home when it was delivered, and that she never picked it up at the post office afterwards, so it got sent back to me. She never charged back through PayPal either, so I don't think she just changed her mind.

I'm sincerely worried about hime_chan93, and hope she is alright and that she just didn't get a notification of the delivery.

If anyone knows her in person, please tell her to message me. Or hime_chan93, if you read this, please get in contact with me asap!

Thank you very much everyone.
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