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DS: HUGE Closet Cleaning Part 2

ja3_lolita and maroonsparrow are doing a two part sales post for a mutual friend. We have the items so we will be sending them out and took all the pictures. Please be warned the owner of the items is a heavy smoker so they will need to be aired out unless you are a also smoker. We do not own these items but like previously stated we took the pictures so we have looked them over for any issues. If you have more questions feel free to ask!
ja3_lolita feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/222511.html

-Will be shipped at the end of next week.
-No refunds
-Once shipped we are not responsable
-Items go to first to leave paypal
-PM if you have questions about prices (they are somewhat negotiable). PM both  ja3_lolita and maroonsparrow if you would like to buy something from both sales post and combine shipping.
-Shipping is NOT included unless stated.

OTHER PART OF SALES POST: community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/14386714.html#cutid1

Btssb NEW full shirring creme blouse $180
-> detachable sleaves
-> fits up to a D cup

bodyline nitt hat $5 + $2 shipping in the US

Bodyline 2L yellow blouse $20 shipped
-> light mark on sleeve.
-> be warned it is bright and light green yellow.

Bodyline white boater hat NEW $10 SOLD

Two new with tags bodyline purses $30 shipped within the US
-> never removed from packageing
-> very roomy on the inside

Bodyline bunny cardigan $20 shipped
-> size small
-> new
-> reinforced top button

Bodyline New creme blouse $30
-> size 2L

Bodyline socks $12 each
4 pairs new and unopened otk

Long bodyline yellow carisol skirt $20
NWT size TLL

Bodyline new jackets size 2L $25
one white (ONLY WHITE IS LEFT)

AtP blue OTK queens coach socks $35
->New and unworn
-> still has sticker and metal sock binder

Btssb rare adjustable cookie choker $40
-> only removed for pictures
-> warning it is delicate

btssb three set hair bans $30

Five set hair bands $5air all together

Four set hair bands $5 all together

Off brand cross necklace $15 shipped in the US SOLD

6% dokidoki pin $6 shipped SOLD

Btssb deep pink parka $150
-> 37" max bust. size S
-> new and worn just for picture

btssb tartan jsk $125
-> old school
->bought used of sales comm
-39" max bust

2 catalogs packs $15 each
-> one with a pink dress postcard - still available!!
> one with a blue dress postcard SOLD
-> each pack includes one catalog, three post cards and two btssb stickers!
-> catalogs open up about twice as big as shown in the picture. One side has AtP items and the other side has btssb items. Glossy pictures show off queens coach and many others!

Stationary set $12 shipped
-> set includes a pack of stationary (envelopes, letters, stickers and stationary), a largo btssb logo sticker and three post cards!

Pin and Sticker set $9
-> two uncommon btssb pins, AtP logo sticker and AP logo sticker

Lilo and stick patchwork purse $20
-> enough room for phone and small wallet

Accessorylucky packs! About 4-5 items per lucky pack $6 +$2 shipped
2 blue packs
1 red pack
1 mixed pack
3 pink packs

Great for OTT sweet!
Items include cell phone charms, earrings, hair clips, hair ties and more!

Meta pink cutsew $75
->Size S 27" bust maz

Bodyline used pink socks $5 shipped

Stitchpurse $15
-> small stain
-> enough room for phone and small wallet

btssb fabric tote $35
-> only removed from bag for pictures
-> extremely roomy!

Bodyline white blouse XL $25
-> Slight discoloration under arms. Just needs to be thrown in the wash.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand
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