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DS: Huge Closet Cleaning Part 1

ja3_lolita and maroonsparrow are doing a two part sales post for a mutual friend. We have the items so we will be sending them out and took all the pictures. Please be warned the owner of the items is a heavy smoker so they will need to be aired out unless you are a also smoker. We do not own these items but like previously stated we took the pictures so we have looked them over for any issues. If you have more questions feel free to ask!
Maroonsparrow feedback:

-Will be shipped at the end of next week.
-No refunds
-Once shipped we are not responsible
-Items go to first to leave paypal
-PM if you have questions about prices (they are somewhat negotiable). PM both  ja3_lolita and maroonsparrow if you would like to buy something from both sales post and combine shipping.
-Shipping is NOT included unless stated.


AP cupcake op $190
->Bought used
->Has slight armpit stains that could be fixed by a washing or a dry cleaning.

AtP sailor one piece $335
-> only one sold of each color at SF store.
-> discoloration inside collar and on the inside of the armpits. These marks are not visible from the outside of the dress and can probably be removed although very visible from the inside.
-> top button has been resewn on.
-> one size with no shirring. 38" max bust.

Bodyline faon cutsew 2L $12 shipped withen the US SOLD

3 forever 21 headbows.  $8 each shipped within the US.

Forever 21 jacket $45 shipped in US
size-> L

2L bodyline Red Sailor set $20 SOLD
-> missing red over skirt. Includes three pieces.
-> no longer on website
->small stains on the back of one sleeve

Off brandflower head bands. $5 each
-> black flower has clip on the back while white one doesn't.

Large Bow Set. $5 shipped
-> for smaller hands
-> new
Small bow set. $5 shipped
-> childrens size
-> new

Off brand cutsew $15 shipped
-> new and only tried on for picture

Bodyline new white cardigan $25 shipped in US
White best fits around 28" bust

New bodyline size 26 heart shoes
$20 shipped in the US

New size 26 pink bodyline shoes $20 shipped

Bodyline head bow $10 shipped in the US SOLD
Adjustable to top of head or side of head.

Btssb friendship bear $30 shipped in the US
-> new

AtP logo earrings $70
-> new and unused!

BPK bow collar $40 shipped in the US SOLD
-> used

Bodyline flower jsk $20 shipped SOLD
-> worn once
-> came in one size. Fits from small to very large.
-> shirring in front and back

Bodyline 2L blue blouse $30 shipped
-> new

Thrift green cardigan $20 shipped in the US
-> size small

thirft Cardigan $20 shipped
-> size M

btssb New and unopened bunny bear puppet $40

Btssb NEW tote $20 shipped
-> only taken out of plastic for picture
-> draw string closure
-> great for rainy days!

2 Rainy day totes btssb $10 each shipped in the US SOLD

Bodyline straw hat $6
-> new

Btssb pink sailor cutsew $120 shipped
-> color is removable
_> light discoloration on collar from storage and a faint grey mark under the collar shown in the bellow picture.

NWT Bodyline black sailor blouse $20 SOLD
->size 2L
-> removable sleeves

Snow Bunny btssb sax jsk size M $130 shipped SOLD
-> this was bought new in the btssb SF store it is NOT from the LPs.
-> laceing was removed
-> there are several faint marks on the back from being washed.
->smells the least like smoke out of all the items.

New bodyline blouse $20 shipped
-> color is true to fist picture
-> never worn

Link to my old sales: Click here
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